Image Name Cost Build Time Unlocks
Wolfcastle’s Mansion 114,500 1 d 12 h
Film Set 120 6 s
All Night Gym 70,500 24 h


Image Name Cost
Carved Ice Sculpture 2,600
Radioactive Man Billboard 30



I just had a nightmare that my every action was controlled by a nerd.

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I told you I’d be back!

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Idle Victory Pose Closely Inspect His Laces Pose Walk Exercise Idle Exercise Walk
Idle Walk Battle Commie Nazis Walk Battle Commie Nazis Undercover Undercover Walk Shoot Action Scene


Name Where Time Who
Appear On A Talkshow Channel 6 1 h Wolfcastle
Exercise wander 4 h Wolfcastle
Pose wander 8 h Wolfcastle
Shoot Action Footage Channel 6 12 h Wolfcastle
Shoot Show At Cletuss Farm Cletuss Farm 12 h Wolfcastle
Shoot Show At El Chemistri El Chemistri 12 h Wolfcastle
Shoot Show At Pimento Grove Pimento Grove 12 h Wolfcastle
Spook Patrons at Pimento Grove Pimento Grove 12 h Moe
Eat Famous Guatemalan Insanity Pepper Police Station 12 h Homer
Promote Planet Hype Planet Hype 16 h Wolfcastle
Yokel It Up At His Farm Cletus Farm 16 h Cletus
Relax In His Mansion Wolfcastle’s Mansion 24 h Wolfcastle
Go In for a Closer Inspection his Laces still 36 h Wolfcastle
Turn In His Badge Police Station 1 h McBain
Host Up Late With Mc Bain Channel6 4 h McBain
Battle Commie Nazis wander 8 h McBain
Go Undercover wander 12 h McBain
Find Intel At The Track Springfield Downs 16 h McBain
Fight Climatic Battle Film Set 24 h McBain

Quest required to have task for character

Level 31

31Ay! Este level es loco!Level Up!

Rating Levels

Housing Service Shopping Restaurant Environment Crime Decoration Community
360 210 192 252 12,665 110 20,920 1,008
August 10, 2013