Season Premiere 2013

The Season Premiere update is here and we have a new Squidport item. The Three-Eyed Sushi can only be placed on the boardwalk and is placed in the players inventory after the questline.

  • Three-Eyed Sushi



  • Hi-Glow Waste Barrels


It turns out three people got mentioned in the intial quest.

Lisa: JoshJeerer says it’s going to suck — helpful as always, Josh.
Lisa: Lamezino hopes it’ll be about time travel — it’s always about going back in time with them.
Lisa: And SpAndex had no luck this year with datamining OR datafracking.

JoshJeerer is actually JoshSherer he normally complains about every update all the time. Many may know him or don’t read the official forums but he is well known over there. Here is a general post of his.

Lamezino should be pretty obvious but I wont go into detail about anything related to that.

and SpAndex is me spAnser they definitely wanted to give a few people a shout out.

Season Premiere quests are over here.

September 27, 2013