Rod & Todd


Image Name Cost Build Time Unlocks
Calmwood Mental Hospital 108,000 36 h
Sir Putt-A-Lot’s 89,000 24 h
Kamp Krusty 200 6 s


Image Name Cost
Left-handed Roadster 40
Monkey Bars 760
World’s Largest Toilet Did not make it into update.


Kamp Bart

This camp was crap! Can I say crap in this game? Guess I just did.

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Iron helps us play!

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How come we only get to go to church three times a week?

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Idle Walk Victory Pose Burn Krusty Effigy Go on a Rampage Go on a Rampage Walk Roast Marshmallows
Idle Walk Victory Pose SeeSaw Monkey Bars
Idle Walk Victory Pose Eat Sugar Eat Sugar Walk


Name Where Time Who
Pray Flanders House 1 h Rod Todd
Play On The See-Saw See-Saw 4 h Rod + Todd
Play Bible Blaster Flanders House 8 h Rod
Swing on the Monkey Bars Monkey Bars 24 h Rod
Eat Sugar wander 8 h Todd
Go Minigolfing Sir Putt-A-Lot’s 24 h Todd
Take over Kamp Krusty Kamp Krusty 1 h Kamp Bart
Go on a Rampage wander 4 h Kamp Bart
Burn Krusty Effigy Kamp Krusty 8 h Kamp Bart
Roast Marshmallows Kamp Krusty 12 h Kamp Bart
Spend the Night at Kamp Krusty Kamp Krusty 24 h Kamp Bart Milhouse Lisa
Go Home Flanders Home 4 h Rod Todd
Set up a Minigolf Tournament Sir Putt-A-Lot’s 12 h Homer Ned
Hang Out at Retirement Castle with Grampa Retirement Castle 12 h Grampa + Bart
Join Kamp Bart Kamp Krusty 36 h Martin
Give an Interview Kamp Krusty 24 h Kamp Bart
Go to “Euro-Krustyland” Channel 6 12 h Kamp Bart Milhouse Martin Lisa
Go Minigolfing Sir Put-A-Lot’s 24 h Milhouse Martin Nelson Bart Lisa Rod Ralph

Quest required to have task for character

Level 32

32Yeehaw! Time to take this game to the next level!Level Up!

Rating Levels

Housing Service Shopping Restaurant Environment Crime Decoration Community
252 13,675

Update Length

Rod And Todd Main Quest Line

8 Days 8 Hours 10 Minutes if you don’t have Sir Putt-A-Lot’s

7 Days 8 Hours 10 Minutes if you have Sir Putt-A-Lot’s

Kamp Bart Side Quest Line

5 Days 1 Hour

August 10, 2013