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Not a Game Update v3

Recently I posted about wanting to update the website and posted some pictures.

While pictures are ok It doesn’t do any good until you see it in action. So I have setup 2 of my test pages for displaying different kinds of content.

Remember this is all generated automatically from my new robot, but it is not yet on fully opartional. So new updates will not appear on these pages.

The first test page is the new Menu layout of content from each update. The buttons at the top go between updates and YES there is still work to be done on the various pages. Feel free to go back and check out some of the older updates I back generated with the robot. However when we get back to Krustyland and Squidport there was a lot of spoilers back then so it kind of comes and goes.

The second test page is a demonstration of loading up and displaying animated characters on the fly. These are not pre-rendered GIFs these are multiple PNGs loaded through javascript and then animated properly when called. What I imagine doing is like currently I will have new Characters and their Job List but also have another spot for flipping between the animations. If a Job is animated it will be marked and clicking the job will flip to that jobs animation. Just click some of the buttons to load the animations.

The second test page is not well optimized. I have finished a third test page that uses the canvas element which runs faster and smoother on mobile devices especially with multiple animations going at once.

Discuss this on the forum:

ps. Sorry if your posts don’t show up immediately on the forums. I have to manually approve them until your account has two approved posts. I had an issue with spambots a while back and requiring 2 posts pretty much elimated them, they don’t even try anymore.

June 21, 2015

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