Level Up Dialogs
1 Level Up!
2 Wow, you put the house down where it told you to. Level Up!
3 You have been reincarnated to the next level. Thank you, tap again. Level Up!
4 Woo-hoo! I bet leveling up is always gonna be this easy. Level Up!
5 It’s always level 5 somewhere! Level Up!
6 Excellent! You should celebrate by buying donuts with your money. Level Up!
7 That’s some fine grinding. Level Up!
8 Now that’s a spicy accomplishment! Level Up!
9 If life were a game, leveling up would be birthdays. Happy birthday! Level Up!
10 Is it me, or do these levels seem to be taking longer and longer? Level Up!
11 All that for two freakin’ donuts?! Level Up!
12 I take it you don’t have a family or anything. Level Up!
13 Congratulations. That was a difficult but insignificant level. Level Up!
14 Arr! Ye must be playing this on a long sea voyage. Level Up!
15 For he’s a jolly good fellow! He’s at level one-five. Level Up!
16 Worst. Level. Ever. Level Up!
17 This game is a lot like life. It stops being fun after a while, but you gotta keep doing it. Level Up!
18 Man, I’d have quit this game long ago… and I got nothing better to do. Level Up!
19 You’re still playing? You should get a girlfriend… or a rake. Level Up!
20 You’ve played further into this game than we thought anyone would. Level Up!
21 This just in, new content has been added so you don’t have to get a life. Level Up!
22 Haw-haw, you just wasted months of your life. Level Up!
23 Even my Elven Mage isn’t level 23! I am green with envy. Level Up!
24 You’re suffering from video game addiction. Gain two levels and call me in the morning. Level Up!
25 Duffman has no idea why you’re still playing this game. Oh yeah! Level Up!
26 Keep it up. Playing this much of a game is SO attractive to the opposite sex. Level Up!
27 Level 27 humans win a free trip to Rigel IV for a unique dining experience. Level Up!
28 Daddy said we’re not allowed to stay up past level 28. Level Up!
29 You’ve been playing this game a long time now. I respect that. Level Up!
30 There ain’t no number this high in hillbilly math. Level Up!
31 Ay! Este level es loco! Level Up!
32 Yeehaw! Time to take this game to the next level! Level Up!
33 Hi everybody! Playing this game makes your brain – well, your brain couldn’t say it anyway! Level Up!
34 Congratulations, you got Level Up! Don’t forget to stay out of west side. Level Up!
35 Look at you, moving up! Don’t forget ol’ Gil! Seriously! Throw down a rope! Level Up!
36 Remember, you wait for things to finish building and THEN you smash them. Level Up!
37 Taking over the world – one level at a time. Level Up!
August 12, 2013