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Level 35

What is coming in level 35 click the title to find out more

So here we go, Patty and Selma is about to be released and we have the goodies for you.
This will be a quick edit to show you what’s in there, the full post will be available soon.

So, the obvious characters are Patty and Selma, including their pet Jub Jub.

The surprise character is Disco Stu “Oh Yeah!”.

The buildings include the DMV, Spinster City Apartments, Springfield Pet Shop and Stu’s Disco.

Then there’s a few decorations including the DMV Limo, Popsiclestick Disco Stu and Popsiclestick Patty and Selma.

I got around to creating the page for this update. Patty & Selma

ps. Sorry guys I don’t see any new land in the update.

Happy Tapping Everyone!

September 11, 2013

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45 Responses

  1. PositiveStuff says:

    I have been underwhelmed by this update. The high price for Disco Stu I think was not worth it compared to the relatively short set of quests he generated. And Patty and Selma I feel could have been better integrated into the town. Most of their tasks are singular and don’t involve the rest of the town. Why do they interact mostly just with Homer? What about Marge and the kids? What about the rest of the town? Yes, I know they are interacting with the town in theory in the DMV, but that doesn’t come across in the quest dialog. I expected better for these iconic characters.

  2. nathanrushton says:

    Any news on the possible episode tie-in update next week?

  3. gil fan says:

    spAnser do you know if they would put gil into the actual game and also it would be kind of cool to sell himself.Lol

  4. Raventhief says:

    Can you tell yet what’s coming after level 35?

  5. Rusriot says:

    Hey spAnser, did you see that nuclearvideoshd put out a level 35 “spoiler video” with every pic featuring a TSTONEWS watermark? Just days after posting a video calling you “scum” and claiming that the game is better without your spoilers…

  6. Pete M says:

    You nailed it! Nice job!

  7. Lisel says:

    Ok so weird thing.. I got the update on my android (surprising early, I must say) but cousin’s town (currently on leve 17) on his ipad does not show any update. It’s still showing level 34 as the last.. Anyone know what’s up with that?

  8. Lynn says:

    Hi TSTO news, just got the update and wanted to let you know the price showing on your artwork for the new apartment block is WAY out. It is actually 391,500 to buy! I spent some cash buying more land as I thought I had loads spare after checking the spoilers, but now am a bit short, never mind I will get there soon! Hope everyone enjoys the update. x

    • spAnser says:

      Sorry I post the raw data which doesn’t contain the multiplier for the newest level. The top of the page should read since this is the latest update the building prices are likely 3x what they show on my page.


      Sorry I guess it got removed 🙁 I am updating it back in there.

  9. Howard says:

    Just downloaded the update, 2 free donuts with the level up.

  10. steven j (esteban2808) says:

    Level 35 is here. All as expected.

  11. danbyization says:

    How did you get this info if their hasn’t been an update and i thought EA was no longer putting spoiler info in the game files. So how did you get this info?

  12. Helen Lovejoy says:

    Won’t someone think of the children

  13. lisel5 says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome update!! I have no idea where I’m gonna put stuff but I’ll getting as much as I can.. Thanks so much Spanser 🙂 So will that update come today? Has that been confirmed?

    • spAnser says:

      I was at work and I got around to looking into the update files and it appears the Disco Stu quest line is currently unfinished So it is likely we could see it later if they plan on finishing the quest line.

  14. CathyFitz says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Can you be told this enough?

  15. itsyaboidrew says:

    Hey man so nuclearvideosHD called you out in one of his videos saying your a scum and shit like that. But then he makes a video called spoiler level 35 and uses your pics!!! I’m just tired of people not giving credit where its due. Keep up the good work tho man!!

  16. Tkclown says:

    And spAnser comes through again

  17. itsyaboidrew says:

    All this is great ! But I’m wont have any room for those buildings in my town /:

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  19. Jerk says:

    Just made a vid abou this.. Thanks!!

  20. Matt says:

    This is great, can’t wait to get Disco Stu, hope he’s voiced!

    Not doubting you guys for a second but just out of curiosity, where did all this come from? I thought all the recent updates contained zip on upcoming content, and I’ve not had anything new download in a while.

  21. irishladsocal says:

    you didn’t mention what unlocks patty & thelma I assume its the spinsters apt. And if the cash prices for the buildings are correct it’s nice to see them coming down. Lvl 34 wiped me out. thanks for the info HAPPY TAPPING Y’all

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  24. Puffynugget says:

    Oh, please, please, new plants or flowers!!! No more hedges!!!

  25. Ultra_Magnus says:

    Excellent news. I’m assuming that we’ll get a new building or two to go with them. And some new decorations.

  26. Pedro says:

    WAOOOOO….. OMG….. I hope and this look get

  27. Restless-rooster says:

    Yea! I’m ready!

  28. itsgd2bthkng says:

    I hope its soon. I’m tired of the random quests. Got my tapping fingers crossed. Thanks for the update.