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Days of Future Future

We have another new Friend Point Level which awards the Capital City Goofball.

  • Cremo Bot


  • Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop


  • Maude


Capital City Goofball

I wish I had a zipper on the front of this suit.

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The episode tie-in quest line also awards Homer’s Grave

April 9, 2014

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4 Responses

  1. LetsPlayNintendoITA says:

    if u’ve the shop u can buy Maude alone… but for 90 donuts? isn’t it a bit too much?

  2. LetsPlayNintendoITA says:

    Maude comes with Gipsy’s Fortune Teller Shop. No need to buy her with 90 donuts.

  3. LetsPlayNintendoITA says:

    u can get as many graves as you want too! just a 7h task for homer!

  4. LetsPlayNintendoITA says:

    COOL D: returning ghost maude!